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Interested In Learning Kalaripayattu?

Our online program is the perfect way to learn this ancient martial art. You’ll be able to access our lessons 24/7, and we have a team of experts who will help you every step of the way. 

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Learn At Anytime

Our video content allows you to pursue your individual training and track progress at any time, anywhere.  We are responsive on all devices.

Training & Modern Applications

Kalari University provides the ancient knowledge of Kalaripayattu with modern applications so you can have a unique understanding for this martial art.

Strong Body & Mind

Mastering your body and mind is a process. By improving strength, flexibility & endurance you will gradually become the master of yourself!

Leave Behind Your Limits!

We believe in the power of innovation and creativity. Our online courses provide an opportunity for students to learn at their own pace, anywhere they are with just a computer or phone!

Commitment and discipline, however, remain the foundation of our teaching and learning: Despite the physical distance, we place emphasis on recognizing, activating and utilizing the unique potential of our students.

Ready To Learn A Martial Art That Will Change Your Life?

 Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest and most respected martial arts in the world. It’s known for its focus on self-defense, health, and discipline.

 Our program is designed so that anyone can take part – regardless of your location or experience level. You’ll be able to repeat and deepen your training at any time, as often as you like. And our online platform makes it easy to connect with other students from around the globe.

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Learn The Art Of Kalaripayattu

Modern times and tradition go together very well. The Kalari lessons assist us in our everyday life: as a "movement break" at work or as a relaxed way to end the day. Our online library offers room for moments of tranquility and communication with one's own body at any time. This creates an ideal balance and equilibrium, which unfortunately often falls short in hectic everyday life.

Kalari offers an excellent anchor to pause and become an active player in one's own life again.